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Where to Eat

You won’t be hungry in Gower Holiday Village regardless of your eating preferences. All bungalows come with fully fitted kitchens, allowing you to prepare all the meals yourself. There are plenty of well supplied groceries nearby and there is really no need to bring your own food unless you have any special preferences and worry that you may not be able to find your favourite ingredients at the local groceries. But if or when you won’t feel like cooking, there are many fine places to eat in the immediate vicinity and many more in Swansea which is only about 13 miles from the Holiday Village.

Restaurants and Eateries in Swansea

The coastal city of Swansea is home to hundreds of restaurants serving all kinds of dishes ranging from local specialities to classic foods and exotic dishes. There are of course also many restaurants serving seafood and fish. So if you want to eat something delicious or simply don’t feel like cooking, a visit to Swansea and its restaurants will delight you.

The Swansea Market

Swansea isn’t worth visiting only for its fine restaurants but for its market too. Located in the very centre, the Swansea Market is the Wales’ largest indoor market and an attraction of its own. There are all sorts of things including a rich offer of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, freshly caught fish and seafood, and fresh meat but many stalls also offer various ready-to-eat local specialities. The Swansea Market is thus an excellent choice no matter if you are looking for ingredients or a meal. The market is open from Monday to Saturday from about 9am to 5pm although some stalls open later, while some close earlier.

Places to Eat in Mumbles

If you feel like eating out, you can also hop into your vehicle and drive to Mumbles which is less than 10 miles from Gower Holiday Village. This charming place on the southern end of Swansea Bay is one of Gower visitors’ favourites for its highly diverse shops and boutiques, offering something for just about everyone and every pocket. But it is also very popular with both locals and visitors alike for its fine restaurants. Many Mumbles’ restaurants, especially those serving locally caught fish and seafood are considered to be among the best in this part of the Gower Peninsula.